I use the Fibaro Home Center Lite box and have connected several devices to it.

I would like to create a virtual device to send my data to a web server with HTTP request but I don't know how to build the request.


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For VD buttons your code should be like this:

local http = Net.FHttp("", 80);
local response = http:GET("/core/api/api.php?param=2335");

In Main Loop section (and in scenes) it will have kinda different syntax:

local http = net.HTTPClient();
http : request('https://api.lifx.com/v1/lights/label:Light1/state.json?selector=label:Light1&power=on&brightness=0.7',  {
    options = {
        method = "PUT",
        headers = {
            ['Authorization'] = 'Bearer cce26ealkadj764'
        data = ""
    success = function(response) fibaro:debug (response.data) end,
    error = function(err) fibaro:debug ("Error:" .. err) end
  • In VD main loop the syntax "Net.FHttp..." works as well. Commented Feb 13, 2022 at 19:17

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