From the following trials

<tag attr="\"">
<tag attr="<![CDATA["]]>">
<tag attr='"'>

Only the last one works for an XML parser that I'm using here. Is there an alternative?


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You can use &quot;


From the XML specification:

To allow attribute values to contain both single and double quotes, the apostrophe or single-quote character (') may be represented as "&apos;", and the double-quote character (") as "&quot;".


A double quote character (") can be escaped as &quot;, but here's the rest of the story...

Double quote character must be escaped in this context:

  • In XML attributes delimited by double quotes:

    <EscapeNeeded name="Pete &quot;Maverick&quot; Mitchell"/>

Double quote character need not be escaped in most contexts:

  • In XML textual content:

    <NoEscapeNeeded>He said, "Don't quote me."</NoEscapeNeeded>
  • In XML attributes delimited by single quotes ('):

    <NoEscapeNeeded name='Pete "Maverick" Mitchell'/>

    Similarly, (') require no escaping if (") are used for the attribute value delimiters:

    <NoEscapeNeeded name="Pete 'Maverick' Mitchell"/>

See also


The String conversion page on the Coder's Toolbox site is handy for encoding more than a small amount of HTML or XML code for inclusion as a value in an XML element.

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