I am using Cakephp 3.x but i want to know the exact version number using command line ? is there any command available which can show us the correct version which we are using in our application ?

i know we can use this echo Configure::version(); to check version using code, i was just curious to know if i can come to know the same thing using command line interface only..

FYI, i have windows 7 as OS, xampp as server with composer and other stuff installed in my cakephp application ..

Command for any OS (ubuntu,windows) will be welcomed to come to know about it ..


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    Do you just want to be able to see the version number yourself, or are you looking for something that a script could call to make decisions based on? Sep 21 '16 at 19:23

According to their documentation for version 3.x , this is how you can do this. Shells, Tasks & Console Tools

In which they have mentioned to go to directory first using command line tool and then by typing bin/cake Something like this

cd /path/to/app

And in response you will be able to see not only CakePHP's current version but also PHP's current version and few more information.

Welcome to CakePHP v3.0.0 Console
App : App
Path: /Users/markstory/Sites/cakephp-app/src/
Current Paths:

 -app: src
 -root: /Users/markstory/Sites/cakephp-app
 -core: /Users/markstory/Sites/cakephp-app/vendor/cakephp/cakephp

Changing Paths:

Your working path should be the same as your application path. To change your path use the '-app' param.
Example: -app relative/path/to/myapp or -app /absolute/path/to/myapp

Available Shells:

[Bake] bake

[Migrations] migrations

[CORE] i18n, orm_cache, plugin, routes, server

[app] behavior_time, console, orm

To run an app or core command, type cake shell_name [args]
To run a plugin command, type cake Plugin.shell_name [args]
To get help on a specific command, type cake shell_name --help

Also I am not so sure this will work for older version than CakePHP 3.x as I have tried this in version 3.x only.. so please take a note on that too.

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    for cakephp 2.x just enter Console/cake instead of bin/cake
    – Vineet
    Mar 22 '17 at 9:54

Because it doens't show the version when simply typing bin/cake in the project forlder, I also recommend this approach:

  1. Browse to your project forlder
  2. continue browsing to the bin forlder ( cd bin)
  3. then type cake version

That works for me and it shown 3.5.6

Also I recommend including PHP in the system or user path if so you can type php -version anywhere in the prompt to get your php version.

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