SonarQube is automatically deleting measurement data for files for the older snapshots. When a new snapshot is taken, the old one get deleted. I can see measurement data for files only for the latest snapshot. My db cleaner settings are as as below.

Database Cleaner Settings

What are the maximum allowed values for the keys/constants? Am I using too high value for the keys that they somehow overflow and does not work? What should I do if I do not want SonarQube to auto delete any measurement data for older snapshots?

I am using SonarQube version: 6.0.

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Automatic clean-up of old analysis cannot be disabled. Still setting high values like 100'000 (days) means that analysis are kept during 274 years. Maybe the ability to disable auto-cleaning will be implemented during this period.

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    My bad!!! How do I solve this issue now. I at least now know that nothing is wrong with my settings. Still it would be nice to know the max values of the keys. Thanks a lot Simon for your response. – Narnia_Optimus Sep 22 '16 at 13:29

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