I write a plugin in moodle that should assign "coursecreator" role to some users.

$coursecreatorroleid = $DB->get_field('role', 'id', array('shortname' => 'coursecreator'));

role_assign($coursecreatorroleid, $user->id,context_course::instance());

if (user_has_role_assignment($user->id, $coursecreatorroleid))
    echo "True";

But it does't work. Can anybody help me please? Thanks.

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You can't create a course context instance, without giving a course id.

So, you should write:

$context = context_course::instance($courseid);
role_assign($coursecreatorroleid, $user->id, $context); 

Alternatively, if you want to assign the role at the site level, or at a category level (which makes sense for the course creator role), you should use context_system::instance() or context_coursecat::instance($catid).

If also advise you to turn on debugging (if not already on) - http://docs.moodle.org/en/Debugging - as that will give you helpful error messages and warnings.

  • context_system::instance() was my answer. Tnx a lot. – Karim Pazoki Sep 22 '16 at 13:20

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