There are a couple of similar threads here, but most of the other tips don't work on PDT so let's make this one specific to Eclipse PDT for PHP.

I'll start (w/ credit to those that work from other the other threads):

  1. CTRL-SPACE = code completion
  2. CMD-/ = auto comment
  3. CMD-SHIFT-L = key assist
  4. If autocomplete isn't working right and filenames aren't expanding, right click on project folder and go to php build path and add folder
  5. CMD-SHIFT-t = shows list of classnames
  6. CMD-SHIFT-r = shows list of files
  7. I would say add the Generate Getters and Setters plugin except I just did and it doesn't work for me.
  8. Don't like the @author variable used by the doc block? Change it. Note the comments include the tricky way of fixing this on the Mac.
  • Actualy this is all not needed. Just code and be happy :) All basic features Eclipse PDT already enables. For example in $this-> will open a window with what is availabale or insted of $this instance and so on. I found commenting useful ` Ctrl+Shift+/ ` and ` Ctrl+Shift+\ `. – Eugene Oct 18 '10 at 23:08
  • 1
    I spent a bit of time today looking at shortcuts and boy have they been time savers. What prompted it was that I noticed the functions being expandable on the files in one project, not the other. So I debugged it. But if you prefer not to optimize your Eclipse coding experience, feel free :) – joedevon Oct 19 '10 at 1:46

Something that works for me very well is to customize the coloring of the syntax in the eclipse preferences. It helps me to differentiate the syntax-elements. The standard coloring often allocates the same color to several elements. I ve added a picture of my coloring to this post:

Eclipse PHP Syntax Coloring

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