I've got 2 instances running nicely

web - t2.medium - us-east-1d - Private IP -
vpn - t2.micro  - us-east-1d - EIP assigned

I'm trying to add a 2nd interface onto the vpn server within the network.

After I create an interface I can't attach it to the vpn. The web instance shows up to attach but that's already on the internal network.

How can I get a 2nd interface within the network onto the vpn server?

VPC setup:

internal: CIDR -      - us-east-1d (web server)
vpn:      CIDR - - us-east-1d (vpn server)

I've also tried to manage the priv IP addresses on the vpn server to see if I could assign an internal to it but it comes up with:

"IP Address not in Subnet"

I need the vpn server to have 2 network interfaces: 1 public and 1 private/internal.

  • Was the ENI created in the same VPC and AZ as the VPN instance? They need to match. – John Rotenstein Sep 23 '16 at 21:51

It looks like you're trying to assign an IP that isn't in that subnet range. if your instance is in subnet-foo and subnet-foo is us-east-1a with it should work. It would fail for instance if you tried to attach a nic with IP in my example. Your error message is pretty specific that your IP address is not in that subnet CIDR rang

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