I'd be interested whether there is the difference between javax.persistence.Id and org.springframework.data.annotation.Id.

  1. If Spring has created that annotation only for support the JPA annotation, then why?
  2. Does org.springframework.data.annotation.Id have another [additional] purpose?

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org.springframework.data.annotation.Id is currently used by Spring to support mapping for other non relational persistence databases or frameworks that do not have a defined common persistence API like JPA. So, it is normally used when dealing with other spring-data projects such as spring-data-mongodb, spring-data-solr, etc.

javax.persistence.Id is the annotation defined by JPA for all its implementations. Have in mind JPA only applies for management of relational data.

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    I get that you wouldn't be able to use the javax ID for non-relational persistence, but can I use the Spring ID on a basic relational JPA entity? Basically is it safe to basically always use the Spring ID?
    – Snekse
    Commented Dec 18, 2020 at 17:53
  • So if my project use relational database only, it would be ok to use javax.persistence ?
    – Nguyen DN
    Commented Nov 10, 2021 at 4:15
  • Great answer, straight to the point.
    – Wayne Wei
    Commented Apr 13, 2022 at 15:09
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    JPA will only recognize javax.persistence.Id (now jakarta.persistence.Id). Otherwise it will throw an exception: Error creating bean with name 'entityManagerFactory' ... Entity has no identifier (every '@Entity' class must declare or inherit at least one '@Id' or '@EmbeddedId' property)
    – mhash17
    Commented Feb 26 at 18:45

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