I started developing a Firefox theme. A real one using the addon engine, not one of those personas.

The problem

I followed this (official) tutorial step by step. However no matter what I'm trying to do the UI of Firefox doesn't change a bit. Could it be that it is outdated? Just for the record. I exactly did the things I'll describe below. If you trust me that I didn't miss anything in the tutorial you can straightly go to point 6.

What I did

  1. I created the files install.rdf and chrome.manifest in my empty theme folder. The content of install.rdf is exactly like in the tutorial except that I changed sample@example.net to [UID]@example.net where [UID] is a unique ID that I got from this site. I also changed maxVersion to 49.* and replaced name, description, creator, ... ✓
  2. I copy-pasted the contents of chrome.manifest from the tutorial to my file ✓
  3. I extracted the files /usr/lib/firefox/omni.ja and /usr/lib/firefox/browser/omni.ja. Furthermore I copied the folders browser/, communicator/, global/ and mozapps/ from the extracted data to the subfolder chrome just like in the tutorial. ✓
  4. I changed a CSS rule in themeName/chrome/browser/browser.css (background-color in #navigator-toolbox from transparent to orange to be exact) and saved the file. ✓
  5. I created a new 'dev' profile by executing firefox -no-remote -P dev, then opened the Root Directory of the newly created "dev" profile via about:profile and closed firefox after that. In the profile I created a new text file under the directory extensions with "[UID]@example.net" as its name. The content of the file points to the theme directory (no trailing spaces) ✓
  6. I started firefox using the "dev" profile again. It opened a new tab and asked if I would allow to install my new theme. (It even showed the right name that I have given it.) I ticked yes and clicked continue. After that I enabled it in the addons/themes section and restarted. ✓


The UI didn't change. I tried this with different CSS rules. However none of these changes worked. Moreover if I go to chrome://browser/content/browser.xul and inspect the CSS rules I can see that none of the rules got changed. They have all the same value as in the original CSS file.

I even generated a .xpi file that I successfully installed. But it didn't change anything either. The CSS that the inspector shows for browser.xul always mismatches the browser.css file from the .xpi.


There are no errors in the browser.css file. I double checked that. After all I just altered one or two values. I'm using Firefox 49.0. I don't think that it matters, but I'm working under Arch Linux. Unfortunately my google search was not fruitful at all. If there's anything to add that I don't know about write it in the comments.

What could be the problem?

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Quote From MDN

The third column needs to match your theme's internalName value from the install manifest above.

From my question

I copy-pasted the contents of chrome.manifest from the tutorial to my file

So the part that I got wrong was not to replace sample with the internalName that I defined in the install.rdf. After I corrected that one the hello world theme finally works.

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