In the process of translating an application with C# + Winforms, I need to change a button's text depending on the language.

My problem is the following :

Let's say I want to translate a button from "Hi all!" to "Bonjour tout le monde" !

As you can guess, the button's size won't be the same if I enter english text or french one... My question is "simple", how can I manage to resize the button on the fly so the text fits its content in the button ?

So far I got something like that !

[Hi all!]


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There's absolutely no need to use the underlying Graphics object as the other posters have said.

If you set the button's AutoSize property to true, the AutoSizeMode to GrowAndShrink, and the AutoEllipsis to false, it will resize automatically to fit the text.

That being said, you may need to make several layout adjustments to make this change fit into your UI. You can adjust the button's padding to add space around the text, and you may want to place your buttons in a TableLayoutPanel (or something) to stop them from overlapping when they resize.

Edit: @mastro pointed out that: AutoEllipsis is only valid when AutoSize is false (As explained in the documentation), so it can be safely ignored as long as the other three properties are set correctly.

  • For the OP's need, this may be a much better solution because it sounds like they are dealing with a fairly straightforward secnario. However the statement "absolutely no need" is misleading. MeasureString is one of the best tools a programmer building custom forms and controls has available. It's also handy for web programmers (via an HTTP handler) to create precisely sized images based on variable text.
    – Tim M.
    Oct 19, 2010 at 7:26
  • 3
    @Tim - I'm not saying anything negative about MeasureString, it has it's uses, but this is unequivocally not one of them. Riddling your code with unnecessary and arbitrary (width += 3) code is a bad practice. Oct 19, 2010 at 7:58

Your best bet is to set the AutoSize property as described ach's answer

However if AutoSize isn't working for you, resizing the button in code is easy enough. You can just need to set the button's width. The trick is making it big enough to fit your text.

   using(Graphics cg =  this.CreateGraphics())
       SizeF size = cg.MeasureString("Please excuse my dear aunt sally",this.button1.Font);

       // size.Width+= 3; //add some padding .net v1.1 and 1.0 only
       this.button1.Padding = 3;
       this.button1.Width = (int)size.Width;

       this.button1.Text = "Please excuse my dear aunt sally";
  • Wouldn't you have to add the padding? this.button1.Width = (int)size.Width + button1.Padding.Left + button1.Padding.Right;. And if you have an image to the right or left of the text, then you would have to add the image width. Aug 10, 2016 at 12:54
  • @OlivierJacot-Descombes Based on the revision history I thought so as well and then changed my answer. Since there's a superior answer (Andrew's) and it would be easy for anyone using this answer to determine if you need to account for padding in the size or not I'm going to decline to modify this answer. Aug 10, 2016 at 14:36

Try this:

Button.AutoSize = true;
Button.AutoSizeMode = System.Windows.Forms.AutoSizeMode.GrowOnly;
Button.TextAlign = ContentAlignment.MiddleLeft;
Button.Padding = new Padding(0, 0, 0, 0);

To enable a Button in WinForms grow and/or shrink depending on the size of the Text, you need to set the button's AutoSize property to True and the AutoSizeMode property to GrowAndShrink.

// C#
btn.AutoSize = true;
btn.AutoSizeMode = AutoSizeMode.GrowAndShrink;

btn.AutoSize = True
btn.AutoSizeMode = AutoSizeMode.GrowAndShrink

Please note that the AutoSize property will only allow the button's size to grow if the AutoSizeMode property is set to GrowOnly; by changing the AutoSizeMode property to GrowAndShrink, the button will now automatically extend or reduce in width and height based on its Text property.

Also note that in setting the two properties as shown above, you can make use of new lines (Environment.NewLine or vbCrLf) in the Text property and the button will scale down as needed.


As Andrew Hanlon explains, you can set AutoSize = true.

When doing so, you can also attain a perfect layout of the buttons automatically by placing them on a FlowLayoutPanel.

The horizontal distance between them will always stay the same when the FlowDirection of the FlowLayoutPanel is LeftToRight or RightToLeft. You can adjust this distance by setting the Margin property of the buttons appropriately. You can create groups of buttons by increasing the left margin of buttons beginning a new group.

If you set the Dock property of the buttons to DockStyle.Fill, they will even grow their width automatically in order to fit to the widest button if the FlowDirection of the FlowLayoutPanel is TopDown or BottomUp.

btn.AutoSizeMode = AutoSizeMode.GrowOnly;
btn.AutoSize = true;
btn.Dock = DockStyle.Fill;

In addition to setting the AutoSize to true and the AutoSizeModeto GrowAndShrink, as suggested in the other answers, you may also need to set the TextImageRelation property, if you have set the button image, so that the text doesn't overlap the image.

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