I have a SSRS report, in the report I have a table with Start time, Work Time (Duration), Travel Time (Duration)

I'm working out and 'End Time' using the start time and durations

However I also need to work out the below Hours worked between 0600 - 0800 Hours worked between 1700 - 2200 Hours worked between 2200 - 0600

And have no idea where to even begin


You just need to set up all the logical steps. To answer the question of "How many hours of my duration fall between 0600 and 0800?" there are several sub-questions which, on answering will give you the necessary values to calculate your answer:

Does the time period overlap 0600-0800?
Or, is the Start Time before 0800 and the End Time after 0600?

If no, your answer is 0.
Or, return 0.

If yes, does the time period start before 0600, so you have to ignore some time?
Or, the start time of your calculation is the greater of your Start Time and 0600.

Then, does the time period end after 0800, so you have to ignore some time?
Or, the end time of your calculation is the lesser or your End Time and 0800.

Put it all together in the language of your choice:

If StartTime <= 0800 and EndTime >= 0600
    calculate time between
            if StartTime < 0600
            if EndTime > 0800
  • So the logic is sound and works in VB however when trying to figure it out in SSRS as below =iif((Fields!Mon_Start_Secs.Value <= 28800) AND (Fields!Mon_End_secs.Value =>21600),(iif(Fields!Mon_Start_Secs.Value < 21600,21600,Fields!Mon_Start_Secs.Value))+(iif(Fields!Mon_End_secs.Value > 28800,28800,Fields!Mon_End_secs.Value)),0) I get an Expression expected error BC30201 – ElliotMajor Sep 23 '16 at 14:26
  • @MichaelAuty Why would you do this in an SSRS expression and not your source query? – iamdave Sep 23 '16 at 15:05

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