I have PHP apps deployed on Heroku. How can I run a Command Line PHP Script on an app even though I don't have command line access or terminal access to the server?


( this assumes that you already have an existing PHP app deployed to Heroku )

1) Install Heroku's Command Line Tool "Heroku Toolbelt" in your local dev environment.

2) Then run this in your local terminal window:

PHP Internal Commands:

heroku run php --version

Your PHP Scripts:

sudo heroku run php path/to/file.php

( may not need to use sudo - taken from an example - I don't use sudo )

How to run the command on a specific App. I have several apps running on Heroku and I usually add -a :

heroku run php path/to/file.php -a <app name>

A Default App can be set to avoid having to specify the app every time:

heroku git:remote -a <app name>

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