I tried to replace Dojo DateTimeBox icon with a new One. The CSS does not work. I use that CSS code But It does not work :(

When I replace ıt looks like this

  .dijitDateTextBox .dijitArrowButton .dijitArrowButtonInner 
       background-image: url('calendar_32x32.png') !important;

<xp:inputText id="eDate" value="#{document1.eDate}"  dojoType="dijit/form/DateTextBox">
    <xp:dateTimeHelper id="dateTimeHelper1">
    <xp:convertDateTime type="date" dateStyle="short">

If you set the background image on the dijitArrowButton class you might get a better result.

Your CSS code would be:

  .dijitDateTextBox .dijitArrowButton .dijitArrowButtonInner 
       background-image: none !important;

 .dijitDateTextBox .dijitArrowButton {
    background-image: url('calendar_32x32.png') !important;
    background-repeat: no-repeat;
    background-position: center;
  • Yes it worked. Thank you – Cumhur Ata Nov 7 '16 at 18:02

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