I have installed RESTful Web Services on my Drupal 8 site, I activated the field_collection_item resource (/field_collection_item/{field_collection_item}) with all the methods available (GET, POST, etc with authentication:basic_auth, cookie and formats:hal_json, json).

I have a content-type with a field collection in it (name:field_field_collection). In order to create a new node of this content-type, I have to create the field collection item first but I can not succeed because I get 403 Forbidden even though I'm properly authenticating onto the system.

My request URL is : http://my_server.com/entity/field_collection_item?_format=hal_json (POST).

The header of the request is :

 POST /entity/field_collection_item?_format=hal_json HTTP/1.1
Host: my_server.com
X-CSRF-Token: P1Z8fnxb0-tTR3CLqNJMSDnU_DQDFnt2ko0Jnitwsd0
Authorization: Basic my_user:my_password
Content-Type: application/hal+json

The body of my request is :

  "_links": {
      "type": { "href":"http://my_server.com/rest/type/field_collection_item/field_field_collection" }
  "field_text1":[{"value": "1111"}],
  "field_text2":[{"value": "2222"}],
  "field_name":[{"target_id": "field_field_collection"}]  

field_field_collection is the name of my field_collection entity. field_text1, field_text2 are the text fields of my collection.

When I make the request with POSTMAN or DHC I get 403 Forbidden response.

Can anyone point me in the right direction? What am I doing wrong? Is there another way that this request can be done?

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Have you checked the endpoints permissions?

It sounds like you have setup the REST resource correct.. but you also have to set the permissions so anon users can access it.

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