I'm just starting to take a look at Bokeh for data visualization and am wondering the advantage/disadvantage to using Figure.vbar() vs Bar() if someone could clarify.


bar is from the high level Charts interface. It gives you quick, easy access to bar charts with limited control.

vbar is from the mid level Plotting interface and gives you more control over the layout of your bar chart. Alternatives to vbar would be rect and quad, both from the Plotting interface. They give a few distinctive options for bar shape, location, etc.

bar is much easier if you don't need to do anything fancy. If you decide you want more control over your plot (like HoverTool etc) you will have to instantiate a Figure and use one of it's methods.

bar docs Here


vbar docs Here

I use both, depending on my needs.

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    Great answer! I would like to add, that vbar accepts the source parameter, which allows you to dynamically update your histogram with Bokeh Server. – tommy.carstensen Mar 29 '17 at 12:57

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