I am having trouble making a regex that notices escape characters inside of quotes.

For example, Two "quoted strings" in "this line" would return:

quoted strings

this line

This string "contains an \" escaped quote mark". would return:

contains an \" escaped quote mark

I made a regex to match quotes

  • \\" quote
  • [^\\"\n]* anything but a quote or new line
  • \\" quote

How would I make a regex that ignores escape characters inside of the quotes?

Note: I only want the escape characters to be noticed inside of the quotes, so something like This is \"a dog" should still output a dog.


Try this.

Pattern p = Pattern.compile("\"(?:\\\\\"|[^\"])*\"");
Matcher m = p.matcher("\"contains an \\\" escaped quote mark\"");
while (m.find()) {

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