I am currently writing a small Maven Java application in Netbeans using sl4fj and log4j2. I am not able to use the java property log4j.configurationFile when deploying it in the production environment. Therefore i want log4j2 to search and find the property file within my project. I have googled around and tried, without luck, the following options;

Added the log4j2.xml to the src/main/resources folder and included it in the jar using the maven configuration (pom.xml). This actually does not include in in the classpath, but adds the xml to a location in the classpath.


Changed the classpath in the project properties->actions->Run project to include the xml file

exec.args=-classpath %classpath:/Users/petervannes/NetBeansProjects/JSONLogger_2/log4j2.xml ${packageClassName}

Any other options i can try ? It is a maven project so am not able to add jars within the project properties.

-- Update 1 --

I added the property maven.test.additionalClasspath in the pom.xml including the log4j2.xml. And added a simple JUnit test.


When executing a Maven clean and build with the -X argument the log reports

properties used {java.vendor=Oracle Corporation, sun.java.launcher=SUN_STANDARD ....., maven.test.additionalClasspath=/Users/petervannes/NetBeansProjects/JSONLogger_2/src/test/java/log4j2.xml, maven.compiler.target=1.6

Still getting the error that the log4j configuration file is not found.

Running com.reddipped.test.JSONLoggerTest
ERROR StatusLogger No log4j2 configuration file found. Using default configuration: logging only errors to the console.

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This page describes the method log4j is using to find the configuration.

According to that, you should just put your log4j2.xml file in the default package of your project.

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