In ClearCase, I would like to see a list of all the files that I am viewing on a certain branch (if I have branch Br I would like a list of all the files that I am viewing a version of them in that branch). Is that possible?


Why not just use...

cleartool find . -all -nvisible -element 'brtype(Br)' -print %CLEARCASE_PN%

The above is supposed to find all elements (even invisible to this view) with the branch BR, and print the pathnames.


The simplest solution would be to:

  • create a dynamic view
  • set the right config spec with the relevant element selection rules you want in order to list all the right files.

Don't forget a branch exists independently from files: when you create a branch, no file is affected. Only the file with at least one checked-out version will register in that branch (within their tree view).

See "How to find a Parent Label of a branch in Clearcase" for illustration.

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