I read a lot of articles about how to work with a database in WPF .Net 4 application. As I understood, the main two technologies are:

  • Linq to SQL (L2S)
  • Entity Framework (EF)

but sometimes I also can see mention of Linq to Entities (L2E) technology, but can't find clear explanation what difference between EF and L2E.

So, my question is: Does there is any difference between Entity Framework and Linq to Entities technologies? Or this is synonyms for one technology?


There are two ways of writing queries with Entity Framework:

L2E is not a separate technology, but rather a part of EF.

Have a look at this article for a comparison: http://thedatafarm.com/blog/data-access/choosing-linq-to-entities-vs-entity-sql-vs-entityclient/

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