I have some of url string like:

let url1 = "https://abc/help?user_info_id=5#help-article03"

let url2 = "https://cde?user_info_id=455&artical=4"

let url3 = "https://ghi/help?user_info_id=5"

Now i want to get user_info_id from these urls.

url1 return 5, url2 return 455 and url3 return 5

This is my code

func getID(string: String) -> String {
    let range = string.rangeOfString("user_info_id=")
    guard let endIndex = range?.endIndex else { return "" }
    let remain = string.substringFromIndex(endIndex)

    let num = "0123456789"
    var result = ""
    for c in remain.characters {
        if num.containsString(String(c)) {
        } else {
    return result

Please tell me your idea. Thank you!

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Use (NS)URLComponents and filter the query items:

let url1 = "https://cde?user_info_id=455&artical=4"
if let components = NSURLComponents(string: url1),
  let queryItems = components.queryItems,
  let userInfoId = queryItems.filter({$0.name == "user_info_id"}).first where userInfoId.value != nil {

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