does anyone know where I can found the highest value of max_connections in AWS RDS? I'm primarily interested in the db.t2 instances running MySQL. I cannot find any appropriate link about that. Thanks!!


As @error2007s states you can find it in the console, just to complete, in a more general way you have:

  • t2.micro 66
  • t2.small 150
  • m3.medium 296
  • t2.medium 312
  • m3.large 609
  • t2.large 648
  • m4.large 648
  • m3.xlarge 1237
  • r3.large 1258
  • m4.xlarge 1320
  • m2.xlarge 1412
  • m3.2xlarge 2492
  • r3.xlarge 2540

Taken from here


When you go to configuration details of your RDS you will find a Parameter Group in the details. Click on that parameter group.

enter image description here

In that parameter group search for max_connections you will get the value.

enter image description here

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