I have a simple problem that's stumping me in GIMP Script-fu and procedural browser.

I'm trying to move a layer up/down in an image which has 40 layers. Let us call the image test.xcf and the said layer Chromask-snapshot.

  1. NOTE : The layer X Y offsets are NOT what are being changed.
  2. I desire to shift a single layer to whatever position I need on the layer list of test.xcf.

For eg. I set many layers' visibility to 0 in my text.xcf. Then I take a snapshot using gimp-layer-new-from-visible and add the layer to Now HERE is the problem The function accepts my string (passed as new layer's name) and faithfully takes a snapshot and sticks it at the top of the layer list with the name I have specified.

I dont want it there i.e. in the default position on the top of the layers list in the image. I need it to be in position 11 or 37 or whatever ( as an example ).

I have failed to find a procedural solution by which I take a layer in the image stack and move it up or down as I desire.


All your comments are deeply appreciated.

  • ERRATA I take a snapshot using gimp-layer-new-from-visible and add the layer to the image. – user3103574 Sep 26 '16 at 14:38

After taking the snapshot, you have to add it to the target image and for this both the deprecated gimp-image-add-layer() and the new gimp-image-insert-layer() take a layer position as the last parameter (0 is top of stack).

And you have the whole set of gimp-image-raise-item(), gimp-image-lower-item(), gimp-image-raise-item-to-top(), gimp-image-lower-item-to-bottom(), should you want to adjust the position later.

  • The gimp-image-insert-layer() does have both parent and position. Just what I needed ! The raise and lower functions stepping one layer at a time are very useful too.I appreciate your time in responding to my question. – user3103574 Sep 27 '16 at 16:09

Just use the gimp-image-reorder-item call - pass None (-1 in tiny-fu) as the Parent parameter.

(And unless you are already proficient in List/Scheme - or learning these are part of your objecttives - I'd recomend scripting in Python instead of tiny-fu)

  • The gimp-image-reorder-item is fantastic for my existant layers for any possible position shifts - well the bonus you gave shown is that I can also move i.e. re-order in between sub trees in the image. Thanks this is very very helpful. I appreciate your time in responding to my question. I am wearying of script-fu. Its tedious. Can you suggest a couple of first steps in starting off with python-fu ? – user3103574 Sep 27 '16 at 16:17

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