Does Notepad++ support non-greedy regular expressions?

For example for text:


I want to get parts using pattern:


And now I get whole string instead of 2 parts. I tried to use the '?' operator but without success.

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Notepad++ doesn't support the lazy ? modifier. Instead, you can specify what you don't want:


Which specifies: match a, followed by one or more character that isn't c, followed by c. This will match abc and adc.

  • Duh. Genius. Haven't thought of that before. – zeh Aug 14 '12 at 22:31
  • UPDATE Non-greedy regular expressions are supported in version 5.9 (version 5.9 (build time Mar, 31. 2011) and later. H/T to @UGEEN answer. – Adam Porad Sep 30 '15 at 16:45

Update: from version 5.9 (build time Mar, 31. 2011), Notepad++ supports non greedy regular expressions (new scintilla 2.5).

I did the following with Notepad++ V6.1.5 (It has now PCRE regex engine):


and got 2 parts (abc and adc)

Lazy(non-greedy) searches are now possible.

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