I want to send some emails through delayed_job

However, I want to send them before and after an event.

My concern is if this will actually work:

def one_week_before_run
  AtendeeMailer.delay(run_at: '8th October 2016'.to_datetime).mudrun_about_to_start(self)

def thank_you_note
  AtendeeMailer.delay(run_at: '18th October 2016'.to_datetime.end_of_day).thank_you(self)

or should I choose another approach?

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Delayed job picks a job to execute only if the run_at <= current time. Refer DJ's query to pick job

SELECT `delayed_jobs`.* FROM `delayed_jobs` WHERE ((run_at <= '2016-09-27 00:49:59' AND (locked_at IS NULL OR locked_at < '2016-09-27 00:24:59') OR locked_by = 'host:Madhubalans-Air pid:74314') AND failed_at IS NULL) ORDER BY priority ASC, run_at ASC LIMIT 1

Your code is setting run_at to 2016-10-18 00:00:00 and 2016-10-18 23:59:59. So your code will work as per your expectation :)

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