I am trying to make a reusable element in Polymer 1.0.

I am running into an issue with canonical paths when trying to load a behavior from within a custom element package.

The behavior is at the same level in my file structure as my custom element.

My current import appears as follows:

<link rel="import" href="extras-behavior.html">

However, I receive this warning:

Behavior ExtrasBehavior not found when mixing properties into mcd-price-calories!

I believe this is due to polyserve and how it converts imports into canonical paths.

Is it possible to do this currently without making the behavior its own bower package?

  • can you share your element code? – adaliszk Sep 27 '16 at 20:26

I discovered that this actually was not a syntax issue but merely a warning given by Polymer. In order to make sure this warning is not given you must place a comment about your behavior declaration like so:

  /** @polymerBehavior ConfigBehavior */
  ConfigBehavior = {

Now Polymer's engine will "know" about your behavior and cease to throw this warning.

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