I have setup a 2 node Hyperledger network using Docker images on Ubuntu 14.04 by creating 2 containers as per the steps provided @ http://hyperledger-fabric.readthedocs.io/en/latest/Setup/Network-setup/#leveraging-published-docker-images

Then I tried to deploy a chaincode, which compiles without errors, by calling POST /chaincode API and got response 200 with the hash returned for the deployed chaincode.

But immediately after that I got the following error in the docker logs:

08:44:26.560 [consensus/noops] processTransactions -> DEBU 053 Starting TX batch with timestamp: seconds:1473929066 nanos:560229743
08:44:26.560 [consensus/noops] processTransactions -> DEBU 054 Executing batch of 1 transactions with timestamp seconds:1473929066 nanos:560229743
08:44:26.563 [chaincode] getArgsAndEnv -> DEBU 055 Executable is /opt/gopath/bin/1e90b51f9129b97d5312d5c24364085777602a06d40d6e2c9209b4f30d7e66facb26e956443028611539962acc6de550eba03bbb1fd0e7bbd655cb19c5a6ef84
08:44:26.564 [chaincode] Deploy -> DEBU 056 deploying chaincode 1e90b51f9129b97d5312d5c24364085777602a06d40d6e2c9209b4f30d7e66facb26e956443028611539962acc6de550eba03bbb1fd0e7bbd655cb19c5a6ef84(networkid:dev,peerid:vp0)
08:44:26.564 [container] lockContainer -> DEBU 057 waiting for container(dev-vp0-1e90b51f9129b97d5312d5c24364085777602a06d40d6e2c9209b4f30d7e66facb26e956443028611539962acc6de550eba03bbb1fd0e7bbd655cb19c5a6ef84) lock
08:44:26.564 [container] lockContainer -> DEBU 058 got container (dev-vp0-1e90b51f9129b97d5312d5c24364085777602a06d40d6e2c9209b4f30d7e66facb26e956443028611539962acc6de550eba03bbb1fd0e7bbd655cb19c5a6ef84) lock

**08:44:26.565 [dockercontroller] deployImage -> ERRO 059 Error building images: cannot connect to Docker endpoint**

So how do I resolve this?

Another update. I did the following:

1) Edited /etc/default/docker to add the entry: DOCKER_OPTS="--api-cors-header='*' -H tcp:// -H unix:///var/run/docker.sock "

2) Restarted docker

3) Started a node using docker-compose up command

Tried deploying chaincode and now I get a different error:

    vp0_1 | 06:09:33.441 [consensus/noops] handleChannels -> DEBU 048 Process block due to time 
    vp0_1 | 06:09:33.441 [consensus/noops] processTransactions -> DEBU 049 Starting TX batch with timestamp: seconds:1475042973 nanos:441383619 
    vp0_1 | 06:09:33.441 [consensus/noops] processTransactions -> DEBU 04a Executing batch of 1 transactions with timestamp seconds:1475042973 nanos:441383619 
    vp0_1 | 06:09:33.446 [chaincode] getArgsAndEnv -> DEBU 04b Executable is /opt/gopath/bin/1e90b51f9129b97d5312d5c24364085777602a06d40d6e2c9209b4f30d7e66facb26e956443028611539962acc6de550eba03bbb1fd0e7bbd655cb19c5a6ef84 
    vp0_1 | 06:09:33.446 [chaincode] Deploy -> DEBU 04c deploying chaincode 1e90b51f9129b97d5312d5c24364085777602a06d40d6e2c9209b4f30d7e66facb26e956443028611539962acc6de550eba03bbb1fd0e7bbd655cb19c5a6ef84(networkid:dev,peerid:vp0) 
    vp0_1 | 06:09:33.446 [container] lockContainer -> DEBU 04d waiting for container(dev-vp0-1e90b51f9129b97d5312d5c24364085777602a06d40d6e2c9209b4f30d7e66facb26e956443028611539962acc6de550eba03bbb1fd0e7bbd655cb19c5a6ef84) lock 
    vp0_1 | 06:09:33.446 [container] lockContainer -> DEBU 04e got container (dev-vp0-1e90b51f9129b97d5312d5c24364085777602a06d40d6e2c9209b4f30d7e66facb26e956443028611539962acc6de550eba03bbb1fd0e7bbd655cb19c5a6ef84) lock 
    vp0_1 | 06:09:37.608 [peer] ensureConnected -> DEBU 04f Touch service indicates no dropped connections 
    vp0_1 | 06:09:37.608 [peer] ensureConnected -> DEBU 050 Connected to: [] vp0_1 | 06:09:37.608 [peer] ensureConnected -> DEBU 051 Discovery knows about: [] 
    vp0_1 | 06:09:39.533 [dockercontroller] deployImage -> ERRO 052 Error building images: Tag latest not found in repository docker.io/hyperledger/fabric-baseimage 
    vp0_1 | 06:09:39.533 [dockercontroller] deployImage -> ERRO 053 Image Output:
  • did you define the correct endpoint while creating the network ? – Sufiyan Ghori Sep 27 '16 at 5:06
  • I am using the following <br> <br> docker-compose file vp0: image: hyperledger/fabric-peer ports: - "7050:7050" environment: - CORE_PEER_ADDRESSAUTODETECT=true - CORE_VM_ENDPOINT= - CORE_PEER_ID=vp0 - CORE_LOGGING_LEVEL=DEBUG command: peer node start – Hitarshi Buch Sep 28 '16 at 7:32

Did you check your container environment variable:


Make sure this file is accessible from within your container as for some reason it was not the case for me and I had to mount it.

Then if you get deployImage -> ERRO 052 Error building images: Tag latest not found... it is a known issue (ex. Error building images: Tag latest not found in repository docker.io/hyperledger/fabric-baseimage).

I downloaded one of the available images and retagged it

docker pull hyperledger/fabric-baseimage:x86_64-0.1.0
docker tag hyperledger/fabric-baseimage:x86_64-0.1.0 hyperledger/fabric-baseimage:latest
  • I had tried CORE_VM_ENDPOINT=unix:///var/run/docker.sock in docker-compose but it didn't work. Does this need to be specified in some other file? – Hitarshi Buch Sep 28 '16 at 4:54
  • I tried specified CORE_VM_ENDPOINT and not getting ....vp0_1 | 06:02:59.119 [container] lockContainer -> DEBU 05b got container (dev-vp0-1e90b51f9129b97d5312d5c24364085777602a06d40d6e2c9209b4f30d7e66facb26e956443028611539962acc6de550eba03bbb1fd0e7bbd655cb19c5a6ef84) lock vp0_1 | 06:02:59.119 [dockercontroller] deployImage -> ERRO 05c Error building images: dial unix /var/run/docker.sock: connect: no such file or directory – Hitarshi Buch Sep 28 '16 at 6:05
  • 2
    yep I faced the same issue, check if /var/run/docker.sock exists in your host then if ok mount it in your container -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock – Marc Campora Sep 28 '16 at 8:41
  • 1
    Thanks a bunch Marc. Problem solved after pulling fabric-baseimage. Was able to deploy a chaincode and query it too !! I wonder why the documentation is still incomplete on hyperledger official site :( – Hitarshi Buch Sep 28 '16 at 10:47
  • A list of tags can be found here: hub.docker.com/r/hyperledger/fabric-baseimage/tags – gvlax Jan 3 '17 at 13:33

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