I have long TCL script . I want measure exact cpu time the process is taking in TCL

I tried the time command in TCL but I am not sure it is correct way to measure cpu time taken by complete TCL script


Tcl itself doesn't provide this information. You want to use the TclX package's times command.

package require Tclx

set pre [times]
# do CPU intensive operation here; for example calculating the length of a number with many digits...
string length [expr {13**12345}]
set post [times]

# the current process's non-OS CPU time is the first element; it's in milliseconds
set cpuSecondsTaken [expr {([lindex $post 0] - [lindex $pre 0]) / 1000.0}]
# The other elements are: system-cpu-time, subprocess-user-cpu-time, subprocess-system-time

You are, of course, dependent on the OS measuring this information correctly. It's not portable to non-POSIX systems (e.g., Windows) though there might be something logically similar in the TWAPI package.

  • Sometimes it is easier to just use the shell command time to wrap a call to Tcl. That works fine enough for crude measurements. – Donal Fellows Sep 27 '16 at 13:28

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