Mobile App Scenario:

This application will be used as a UI to send and retrieve client records (name, contact info. etc)

My Level:

I am new to CodeNameOne and have only created three applications as part of previous university projects (no data storage used). I have experience using PHP and connecting a form to a database with SQL.

What I am trying to achieve:

I am looking for a solution to my problem and to store my client data and then get back the data using my already designed UI with CodeNameOne.


There is a powerful tool in Codename One to storage data in local file : Storage.
Here's an example :

MyObject ob1 = new MyObject();
MySecondObject ob2 = new MySecondObject();

//Here we write locally the data object
Storage.getInstance().writeObject("myObject1", ob1);
Storage.getInstance().writeObject("myObject2", ob2);

//Here we read it to get it back (Caution : We ask storage if the object exist) 
MyObject ob1Back = Storage.getInstance().exists("myObject1")?(MyObject) Storage.getInstance().readObject("myObject1"):new MyObject();
MySecondObject ob2Back = Storage.getInstance().exists("MySecondObject")?(MySecondObject) Storage.getInstance().readObject("MyObject2"):new MySecondObject();

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