So there is my problem : I am searching for the average distance between a known motif inside sequence, and extend this to a list of sequences... The first part is done, the second part (extend to a list of sequences) is the problematic one ! So, here the way i am doing the first part :

source("motifOccurrence.R") #
df <- readDNAStringSet("X.fasta")
df2 <- df[[1]]
motif <- c("T", "C", "C", "A")
coord <- coordMotif(df2, motif)
motidist <- computeDistance(coord)

[1] 152

It's appear that the first sequence of my fasta list have an average distance of 152 nucleotides between two TCCA motifs. And, i don't know how automatize this to all my list in df...

Thanks by advance for the help.


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This is untested, but should work. sapply "climbs" each list element (we could also use lapply here).

sapply(df, FUN = function(x, motif) {
  computeDistance(coordMotif(x, motif))
}, motif = motif)

The result will be a vector. If you would like to keep it a list, use sapply(..., simplify = FALSE). Simplification is not done with lapply. Consider either behavior as a convenience. :)

  • I really thank you !! It work perfectly ! – Kevin Moreau Sep 28 '16 at 12:08
  • Hello, I've got a new issue... I would like to compute the average distance between two distinct motifs in the same sequences list than before. Have you some clue on how manage this ??? – Kevin Moreau Oct 11 '16 at 15:03

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