I am trying to create Account in Suite CRM using REST API, here below is my json data for Accounts.

{"method":"set_entry","input_type":"json","response_type":"json","rest_data":"{\"session\":\"3af90fbac39a67110d025925189f960f\",\"module_name\":\"Accounts\",\"name_value_list\":{\"name\":\"Spotsmeyer's Furnishings\",\"date_entered\":null,\"date_modified\":null,\"modified_user_id\":null,\"created_by\":\"Administrator\",\"description\":\"Spotsmeyer's Furnishings\",\"deleted\":\"false\",\"assigned_user_id\":null,\"account_type\":\"Customer\",\"industry\":null,\"annual_revenue\":null,\"phone_fax\":null,\"billing_address_street\":\"612 South Sunset Drive\",\"billing_address_city\":\"Miami\",\"billing_address_state\":null,\"billing_address_postalcode\":\"37125\",\"billing_address_country\":\"US\",\"rating\":null,\"phone_office\":null,\"phone_alternate\":null,\"website\":null,\"ownership\":null,\"employees\":null,\"ticker_symbol\":null,\"shipping_address_street\":\"2 Lewes Road\",\"shipping_address_city\":\"Dudley\",\"shipping_address_state\":null,\"shipping_address_postalcode\":\"GB-DY5 4DJ\",\"shipping_address_country\":null,\"parent_id\":null,\"sic_code\":null,\"campaign_id\":null,\"email\":[{\"email_address\":\"spotsmeyers.furnishings@cronuscorp.net\"}]}}"}

Here in email node API accept array of email_address as per documentation. But I am getting error and it's not creating account in CRM. Error is:

Fatal error: Cannot access empty property in /var/www/vhosts/templatebar.com/httpdocs/Individual/abhishek/suitecrm1/service/v3_1/SugarWebServiceImplv3_1.php on line 248

I have checked the SugarWebServiceImplv3_1.php file in line 248. Like

$seed->{$value['name']} = $value['value'];

But when I remove the email node from the json packet, set_entry API successfully create an Account in CRM and return the valid response.

I shall be grateful for any help.

Thank you.


yes it will give you error.

As per 7.7 Enterprise version in account module , you can add more that one email address as per Default functionality of the account module.

Here Field name for Email address is email not email address

I think this is the problem otherwise API wil work.

  • Thanks Amitesh for your quick and valuable response. I have renamed the only email in packet for email and removed email_address, now it successfully creating account without any error. But still it has some problem as it's not showing any email for corresponding Account in CRM, but in response of set_entry API I can see it's returning email id. Can you please tell me where I am missing something. – kishorebarik Sep 29 '16 at 5:58
  • if this solve your problem kindly upload and accept the answer. – Amitesh Kumar Sep 29 '16 at 6:11
  • you should use loop to get emails – Amitesh Kumar Sep 29 '16 at 6:24
  • 1
    Field Name email1, when I set email id in this field it perfectly working. – kishorebarik Sep 29 '16 at 12:49

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