I am currently working with node-red and I created some custom nodes.

Now, I want to update dynamically the node parameter form: I want to retrieve a list containing data label from a server and put them into a select so the user can choose what data he wants to get.

The HTML form I want to update dynamically

Here, for instance, I would like to get the data contained in the container from broker. So what I want to do is to add a new select input when the container and the broker are filled.

Is it possible to do such a thing?

I already took a look into the custom edit behaviour (http://nodered.org/docs/creating-nodes/properties) but there are only events when the form is validated/cancelled/opened/... there are not events on the inputs themselves.

Thank you for the help :)



This is how several Node-RED nodes work. You need to use the oneditprepare function in the node's HTML file to call a HTTP endpoint hosted by your node.

You can also attach onchange type hooks to fields in the form to update later fields based on earlier input using AJAX style calls.

There are plenty of examples in the node-red-nodes git repository, have a look at things like the serial port node for example that looks up a list of available ports that can be configured.

  • Ok, thank you. I will add a button and on the oneditprepare I will configure the onClick event and do the queries I need to display the complementary inputs. Also, is there any way to access the broker inside the oneditprepare?
    – Gabi
    Sep 29 '16 at 10:29
  • Hi, so I've done what you suggested, i.e: I put event handlers and I updated the DOM. But no way to access the broker. Thank you again.
    – Gabi
    Oct 10 '16 at 13:47
  • You connect to the broker from the server side and use http to pull that info into the UI
    – hardillb
    Oct 10 '16 at 13:50
  • Is there an example that uses onchange? Searching the node-red-nodes report brings up nothing.
    – hepcat72
    Oct 18 '20 at 0:28

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