I am writing a graphical program in Python for my Raspberry Pi project. I have started writing it using Tkinter and wish to use the Matplotlib tools.

Due to limited screen space and the purpose of the project, I want it to be fullscreen without a window frame and menubar showing. Normally I use the following command:


This works great until I import Matplotlib. Once I do that, the window frame appears again even with the above line of code.

How can I get Matplotlib to not show the window frame or menubars and be completely fullscreen?


  • Works fine for me. You must be doing something different than me or using different versions. Sep 28 '16 at 19:15

I found the problem. The example code I followed involved using the command canvas.show() along with canvas.get_tk_widget().grid(...). The canvas.show() was not needed and caused it to override the app.overrideredirect(1) command.

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