I just converted my codes to Swift3 with Xcode8. Here are two simplified classes. The first one is a generic class as base:

class MyBaseTVController<T: NSManagedObject>: 
   UITableViewController, NSFetchedResultsControllerDelegate {

the second one is a custom class based on above one:

class MyTVController : MyBaseTVController<MyEntity> {

The problem I have is that the MyTVController class is not available in storyboard (as in Identity Inspector tab, custom class).

enter image description here

Further investigation, I found one thing interesting. If I drop the generic type from the base class, MyTVController is showing up in the storyboard.

I do need to define the base class with a generic type. Is there anyway to make my inherited class available in storyboard? If not, any way I can do it in code?

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