I'm trying to transcode stream with liquid and output to icecast2 Below is my config taken from official website http://savonet.sourceforge.net/doc-svn/cookbook.html

# Input the stream,
# from an Icecast server or any other source
url = "http://www.protonradio.com:8000/schedule.m3u"
input = mksafe(input.http(url))

# First transcoder: MP3 32 kbps
# We also degrade the samplerate, and encode in mono
# Accordingly, a mono conversion is performed on the input stream
  %mp3(bitrate=32, samplerate=22050, stereo=false),
  host="streaming.example.com", port=8000, password="xxx",

When I try to run it with ./radio.liq I get this error:

root@Ubuntu:/etc/liquidsoap# ./radio.liq
./radio.liq: line 4: url: command not found
./radio.liq: line 5: syntax error near unexpected token `('
./radio.liq: line 5: `input = mksafe(input.http(url))'

Here's what happens when I run with this command:

root@Ubuntu:/etc/liquidsoap# liquidsoap radio2.liq
init: security exit, root euid (user).

Buffer errors with this stream url

2016/09/30 15:57:17 [http_4756:3] Buffer overrun: Dropping 0.03s.
2016/09/30 15:57:20 [http_4756:3] Buffer overrun: Dropping 0.00s.
2016/09/30 15:57:26 [http_4756:3] Buffer overrun: Dropping 0.00s.
2016/09/30 15:57:37 [http_4756:3] Buffer overrun: Dropping 0.01s.
2016/09/30 15:57:44 [http_4756:3] Buffer overrun: Dropping 0.00s.
2016/09/30 15:58:11 [http_4756:3] Buffer overrun: Dropping 0.00s.
2016/09/30 15:58:47 [http_4756:3] Buffer overrun: Dropping 0.00s.

You should start liquidsoap interpreter and feed your script to it like this:

liquidsoap radio.liq

In your example you start the script from the command line directly and it goes to shell (bash), not liquidsoap.

  • Thanks for the reply! So, I tried running it with above command and now I get this error: code root@Ubuntu-VM:/etc/liquidsoap# liquidsoap radio.liq Line 9, char 80 before ":": Parse error! root@Ubuntu-VM:/etc/liquidsoap# code Sep 29 '16 at 17:46
  • Here's my config: code # Input the stream, # from an Icecast server or any other source # url = "protonradio.com:8000/schedule.m3u" #liveset = mksafe(input.http("protonradio.com:8000/schedule.m3u")) #liveset = rewrite_metadata([("artist", "Santiago Saa"),("title", "120 minutest Live")], liveset) #source = single "audiofile.mp3" #live = input.http "protonradio.com:8000/schedule.m3u" radio = (input.http(max=30.0, "protonradio.com:8000/schedule.m3u")):source(1,0,0)) Sep 29 '16 at 17:50
  • # Second transcoder : MP3 64 kbps output.icecast( %mp3(bitrate=64), mount="/your-stream-64.mp3", host="localhost", port=8000, password="xxxxxxx", input) code It looks like its complaing about :source(1,0,0)) ? Sep 29 '16 at 17:51
  • Please add your new config to the original post. It is impossible to read it w/o line breaks. Sep 29 '16 at 20:16
  • Sorry about that. Not sure what happened but since then I did a reboot and now I'm getting different error output. Its in original post. Seems like root cannot run that? Sep 30 '16 at 18:07

To add on to the comments of Alexeys answer.

Your script did not run because you did not tell the script what application to run it with. On windows the file extension (.exe or .txt or .doc) is used to distinguish which application to open. On Unix the first line known as the "sha bang" tells the OS which application must run this file.

So if you first check where your liquidsoap is installed with:

which liquidsoap

Then add the response path to your scripts first line like so:


Unix will now know which application to open it with.

On your second observation(not issue), the Overrun is seen because you are fetching a stream from a Icecast server using http. The Icecast sever is generally configured to "burst" some data to you on connection (normally for players to fill their buffers). Anyhow, the buffer used in the input.http command is too small for this sudden burst of data and therefore liquidsoap throws a overflow exception. To fix this, increase the max buffer.

input = mksafe(input.http(url,buffer=2.,max=120.))
  • Thanks for taking time to explain! I did looked at the logs and its so random when "Buffer overrun: Dropping 0.03s." occurs. I added your suggestion and will report back after few days if that fixed it. Dec 5 '16 at 4:58
  • Ok, so after few days of testing I'm not seeing "Buffer overrun: Dropping 0.00s" in logs but now I see "Switch to safe_blank with forgetful transition." and after searching online it appears to be network lag causing the internal buffer to empty. I don not have control over source stream so for now I'm calling it good. Thanks for your help! Dec 13 '16 at 22:18

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