Subversion works great when we have access to central repository, but sometimes two or more developers work at client where they do not have connection to central repository. I am looking for DVCS that can help us where off-line.

It should:

  • cooperate with Subversion repository so developers can checkout before leave, commit locally where off line and commit to central repository when they return
  • easy exchange code between developers working offline
  • work on Windows, GUI preferred; developers are used to TortoiseSVN

Anybody uses Bazaar, Mercurial, git or maybe something else and can show its advantages and pitfalls? So far I started (really returned to) testing Bazaar with Tortoise Bazaar.

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I have tried Git, Mercurial and Bazaar with a SVN repository and I have found that all three work pretty well (when using the their respective *-svn module).

I suggest you pick the DCVS you like most and use that one.

(The modules are git-svn, bzr-svn and hgSubversion)

  • Thanks. I tested all 3 systems with its Tortoise GUI. To me Bazaar is the best Windows and SVN integrated of those tools (as for now: October 2010). It even has $Id kaywors support :) Commented Nov 8, 2010 at 10:50

HgSubversion provides the sort of interaction you're talking about. It bills itself as a SVN client, based in Mercurial, meaning that you work in Mercurial locally, but still interact with a SVN server.

The convert extension is also very good if you want to convert from SVN to Mercurial.

There are some other Mercurial/SVN workflows you might find interesting on the Mercurial wiki.


Git, works side by side in the same directory, also has git-svn bridges

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