I have this model:

public class Event {
    private String name;
    private Date start;
    private Date end;

and repository as

public interface EventRepository extends JpaRepository<Event, Long> {
    List<Event> findByEventTypeAccount(Account account);

What I want to do is, I will pass one date and need to check that date is between start and end eg(i will pass sept 30 as date and need to find all entries which have sept 30 between their start and end)

Something like findDateisBetweenStartAndEnd(Date date)?


You should take a look the reference documentation. It's well explained.

In your case, I think you cannot use between because you need to pass two parameters

Between - findByStartDateBetween … where x.startDate between ?1 and ?2

In your case take a look to use a combination of LessThan or LessThanEqual with GreaterThan or GreaterThanEqual

  • LessThan/LessThanEqual

LessThan - findByEndLessThan … where x.start< ?1

LessThanEqual findByEndLessThanEqual … where x.start <= ?1

  • GreaterThan/GreaterThanEqual

GreaterThan - findByStartGreaterThan … where x.end> ?1

GreaterThanEqual - findByStartGreaterThanEqual … where x.end>= ?1

You can use the operator And and Or to combine both.

  • Hi will this be possible with String Values? So for example with a table of persons and select all between lastname = "abcd" to lastname= "efgh" – Ivor Sep 12 '18 at 14:26
  • @Ivor should work – Pau Jan 16 at 15:11
  • @Pau Shouldn't the method names be findByStartLessThan\Equal and findByStartGreaterThan\Equal so it corresponds with the JPQL (i.e. where x.start <\= ?1and where x.end >\= ?1)? – Dominik Feb 12 at 13:02

I did use following solution to this:

findAllByStartDateLessThanEqualAndEndDateGreaterThanEqual(OffsetDateTime endDate, OffsetDateTime startDate);
  • You you please add a little (more detailed) explanation? – Yannjoel Mar 8 '18 at 10:38
  • but for that you should pass two dates the start and the end one, I think is the right approach – Ivor Jan 24 at 11:49

You can also write a custom query using @Query

@Query(value = "from EntityClassTable t where yourDate BETWEEN :startDate AND :endDate")
public List<EntityClassTable> getAllBetweenDates(@Param("startDate")Date startDate,@Param("endDate")Date endDate);

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