I am new to WCF issues and I'm trying to populate an control by using a wcf service . I have used 'Ajax-Enabled WCF' template ( VS 2010) for creating my service. there is no error while on Asp.net development server but when put on IIS [Method 404 Error] appears in dropdown . I tried to access the WCF services directly like (https://sitename/webservice/test.svc) it shows the documentation page.

I have searched for hours to find a solution but no use. I will be thankful if anyone can help me out


Can you connect to your IIS hosted service via WcfTestClient (see under Tools)? Also check the endpoint address in App.config on your client...If that does not work, could you post client's App.config and Web.config from Service's IIS?

  • I am able to add the service from WCF client. but i am not able to create the proxy class from java scrip.. since i am using the service for javascript i dont have app.config . i am unable post my web.config here due to space limitations here. – Grasshopper Oct 22 '10 at 13:56

I had similar issue, where it worked on dev server, but not Integration (got 404, service is not defined error). The issue was the .svc file type was not mapped in IIS, which fixed the issue.

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