Attempts to install command line developer tools with xcode-select --install just returns the following error: xcode-select: note: install requested for command line developer tool but when the dialog box asks me to confirm my request, it says it failed due to a network problem. Obviously I am online, I think the problem is that it isn't properly connecting to the right network.

I have seen in similar threads that on 10.12 Sierra that the command line tools can be installed/updated through the Mac App Store, but after my wireless card and some other components were replaced in my MacBook Pro, I can no longer connect to the App Store (or iCloud and the iTunes or iBooks stores) without getting an error saying my device cannot be verified. I was told by Apple Support to do an erase-and-reinstall to solve the problem, but that didn't work.

This is why I am trying to find a method to install the command line tools directly from Terminal, one which does not require access to the App Store. xcode-select --install` worked fine on El Capitan and below, so I hope this feature is still available, even if the command is different.

Can anyone help me out, or point me toward an alternate solution? If not, I guess I'll have to downgrade.

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I looked on the Apple Developer website and found a Developer Tools download for all the versions of Xcode. You need an iCloud ID to download, but not a paid developer account.


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