I'm developing a web app backed with firebase realtime database.

The app's frontend is quite complex and there are several methods that write data to the db. I have several utils that look like this:

var utils = {
    setSomething: function(id, item) {
        var myRef = firebase.database().ref('my/path');

The question here is: is it okay to create a new Ref inside the method (and thereby, creating a new ref with each call) or should I "cache" the ref somewhere else (just like we cache jquery objects).

I could do something like this first:

var cachedRefs = {
    myRef: firebase.database().ref('my/path'),
    yourRef: firebase.database().ref('your/path'),
    herRef: firebase.database().ref('her/path')

And then the former method could be rewritten as:

var utils = {
    setSomething: function(id, item) {

Is there any performance gain besides having less code repetition?

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firebaser here

References just contain the location in the database. they are cheap.

Adding the first listener to a reference requires that we start synchronizing the data, so that is as expensive as the data you listen to. Adding extra listeners is then relatively cheap, since we de-duplicate the data synchronization across listeners.

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