From Django:

As currently implemented, setting auto_now or auto_now_add to True will cause the field to have editable=False and blank=True set.

Field.editable If False, the field will not be displayed in the admin or any other ModelForm. They are also skipped during model validation. Default is True.

Field.blank If True, the field is allowed to be blank. Default is False.?

Note that this is different than null. null is purely database-related, whereas blank is validation-related. If a field has blank=True, form validation will allow entry of an empty value. If a field has blank=False, the field will be required.

Am I correct when I say blank=True won't be validated? Does it matter in this case if it was set to blank=False?

  • blank=True will be validated as long it is not empty. For example let's say you have an INTEGER field and you allow it to be NULL (null=True), the HTML field may be empty and the validation won't bother you but if you input hello world in the HTML field, the validation will fail as hello world is not an integer. – Pablo Oct 1 '16 at 15:08
  • editable is only related to the admin interface, blank is checked everywhere. Nobody prevents you to edit the value inside your application, it's pure convenience to prevent the admin from action, which possibly break the integrity of your application (not the db, but your own logic) by disallowing editing the field. – allo Oct 1 '16 at 15:40

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