Is there an way for a spring-shell command to first ask for a confirmation message. For example


Do you want to proceed [y/n]


executing command

I did some research on internet but I don't find example of this type of command.

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I am using jline.console.ConsoleReader (which spring-shell currently uses as well) for this, so the code looks something like:

public static boolean askYesNo(String question) {
    while (true) {
        String backup = ask(String.format("%s (y/n): ", question));
        if ("y".equals(backup)) {
            return true;
        if ("n".equals(backup)) {
            return false;

public static String ask(String question) {
    question = "\n" + question + " > ";

    try {
        ConsoleReader consolereader = new ConsoleReader();
        return consolereader.readLine(question);
    } catch (IOException e) {

    return null;

You can read from and continue/abort execution of your command as you see fit.

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