In Swift 3, I want to create an array of matching string (case insensitive) from string array:-

I am using this code, but it is case sensitive,

let filteredArray = self.arrCountry.filter { $0.contains("india") }

how can I do this.. suppose I have a master string array called arrCountry, I want to create other array of all the string who has "india"(case insensitive) in it.

Can anyone help me out.


You can try with localizedCaseInsensitiveContains

let filteredArray = self.arrCountry.filter { $0.localizedCaseInsensitiveContains("india") }
  • its working... thanks.. – Mayank Jain Oct 3 '16 at 12:32
  • Nice, I didn't know about this method, always using range(of:...). Thanks! – Pavel Smejkal Feb 3 '17 at 1:48

Returns a Boolean value indicating whether the given string is non-empty and contained within this string by case-insensitive, non-literal search, taking into account the current locale. Locale-independent case-insensitive operation, and other needs, can be achieved by calling range(of:options:range:locale:).

Equivalent to: range(of: other, options: .caseInsensitiveSearch, locale: Locale.current) != nil

It's better to use

.filter { $0.range(of: "india", options: .caseInsensitive) != nil }

The easiest way might be to lowercase your strings and compare:

Swift 3 and above

let filteredArray = self.arrCountry.filter { $0.lowercased() == "india" }

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