I have the standard implementation of AppBarLayout with CollapsingToolbarLayout in my Activity.

I follow this link to show the CollapsingToolbarLayout title only when collapsed:

mAppBarLayout.addOnOffsetChangedListener(new AppBarLayout.OnOffsetChangedListener() {
        boolean mIsShow = false;

        public void onOffsetChanged(AppBarLayout appBarLayout, int verticalOffset) {
            float percentage = ((float) Math.abs(verticalOffset) / appBarLayout.getTotalScrollRange());

            if (!mIsShow && percentage == 1) {
                mIsShow = true;
                LogUtils.LOGD("XXXX", "SHOW =" + mToolbarTitleText);

            } else if (mIsShow && percentage != 1) {
                mCollapsingToolbarLayout.setTitle(" ");
                mIsShow = false;
                LogUtils.LOGD("XXXX", "HIDE");

This works very well, except when I set, in developer options on mobile, Don't keep activity: when I come back in this Activity, the CollapsingToolbarLayout title is hidden all the time. I can't understand why because the logs are correctly show.

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