Appium server detects the device but unable to send any commands hence no test is being performed.

My Desired capabilities >>

capabilities.setCapability("appium-version", ""); capabilities.setCapability("BROWSER_NAME", "");
capabilities.setCapability("platformVersion", "6.0");  capabilities.setCapability("deviceName", "EQ5LA6UGPJPNCAT4");
capabilities.setCapability("platformName", "Android");  capabilities.setCapability("appPackage", "com.gorillalogic.monkeytalk.demo1");  

 capabilities.setCapability("appActivity", "com.gorillalogic.monkeytalk.demo1/com.gorillalogic.monkeytalk.demo1.RootActivity"); 

 driver = new RemoteWebDriver(new URL(""), capabilities);

Appium server logs >>

Checking if an update is available

Update available to new version

Downloading File from https://bitbucket.org/appium/appium.app/downloads/AppiumForWindows_1_4_16_1.zip

Launching Appium server with command: C:\Program Files (x86)\Appium\node.exe lib\server\main.js --address --port 4723 --platform-name Android --platform-version 23 --automation-name Appium --log-no-color

warn: Appium support for versions of node < 0.12 has been deprecated and will be removed in a future version. Please upgrade!

info: Welcome to Appium v1.4.13 (REV c75d8adcb66a75818a542fe1891a34260c21f76a)

info: Appium REST http interface listener started on

info: [debug] Non-default server args: {"address":"","logNoColors":true,"platformName":"Android","platformVersion":"23","automationName":"Appium"}

info: Console LogLevel: debug info: --> POST /wd/hub/session {"desiredCapabilities":{"appPackage":"com.gorillalogic.monkeytalk.demo1","appActivity":"com.gorillalogic.monkeytalk.demo1/com.gorillalogic.monkeytalk.demo1.RootActivity","appium-version":"","BROWSER_NAME":"","platformVersion":"6.0","platformName":"Android","deviceName":"EQ5LA6UGPJPNCAT4"}}

info: Client User-Agent string: Apache-HttpClient/4.3.4 (java 1.5)

info: [debug] The following desired capabilities were provided, but not recognized by appium. They will be passed on to any other services running on this server. : appium-version, BROWSER_NAME

info: [debug] Didn't get app but did get Android package, will attempt to launch it on the device

info: [debug] Creating new appium session 76d81d77-d187-4dd1-99d1-a469dad3e463

info: Starting android appium

info: [debug] Getting Java version

info: Java version is: 1.8.0

info: [debug] Checking whether adb is present

warn: The ANDROID_HOME environment variable is not set to the Android SDK root directory path. ANDROID_HOME is required for compatibility with SDK 23+. Checking along PATH for adb.

info: [debug] executing cmd: where adb

info: [debug] Using adb from D:\SDK\platform-tools\adb.exe

warn: No app capability, can't parse package/activity

info: [debug] Using fast reset? true

info: [debug] Preparing device for session

info: [debug] Not checking whether app is present since we are assuming it's already on the device

info: Retrieving device info: [debug] Trying to find a connected android device

info: [debug] Getting connected devices...

info: [debug] executing cmd: "D:\SDK\platform-tools\adb.exe" devices

info: [debug] 1 device(s) connected

info: Found device EQ5LA6UGPJPNCAT4

info: [debug] Setting device id to EQ5LA6UGPJPNCAT4

info: [debug] Waiting for device to be ready and to respond to shell commands (timeout = 5)

info: [debug] executing cmd: "D:\SDK\platform-tools\adb.exe" -s EQ5LA6UGPJPNCAT4 wait-for-device

info: [debug] executing cmd: "D:\SDK\platform-tools\adb.exe" -s EQ5LA6UGPJPNCAT4 shell "echo 'ready'"

info: [debug] Starting logcat capture

error: Logcat capture failed: spawn ENOENT

info: [debug] Stopping logcat capture


Setting the SDK path in Appium solved the problem. Now tests are running successfully.

  1. You are not passing any device name in capabilities. Try adding the device name in capabilities.
  2. Add "ANDROID_HOME" environment variable to android sdk path.
  3. Check the path of sdk in appium also.

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