I'm building a CRM inside Laravel 5.3. I have a rule like this in my ClientRequest rules array

'company_name' => 'required|unique:clients',

Which means that the Company Name for the Client you're adding needs to be unique in the database. This works, however when I try to update the already existing client, it throws an error saying that the company name needs to be unique.

I tried doing 'company_name' => 'required|unique:clients,company_name,{$this->client_uid},client_uid',

As client_uid is being sent via my PATCH request. I was trying to do it that if the client_uid being sent with the form matches the client_uid of the record just ignore the error but I can't get that bit to work.

Any ideas?


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Try making your single quotes, double quotes. If you're using single quotes it will not recognize the $this->client_uid as php.

'company_name' => "required|unique:clients,company_name,{$this->client_uid},client_uid"

Another optie could be (but I prefer the above):

'company_name' => 'required|unique:clients,company_name,'.$this->client_uid.',client_uid'
  • Always the simplest things it seems. Double quotes worked, thank you – Andy Holmes Oct 3 '16 at 14:54

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