I am familiar with Jenkins Pull Request Builder and I had set up a freestyle job with it to build my project based on the comment that authorized user put. (For example test in prod) in the past.

Now I am trying to use a Jenkins 2.0 with github organization plugin for one of my project.

this is the scenario:

  1. A User is making a PR to master(or some other sensitive branch)
  2. A test is going to get run automatically.
  3. After the test past, an authorized user needs to go to the PR and put a comment Deploy to test environment and then a jenkinsfile that was waiting for this input needs to get trigger.

I just dont know how to do the step 3. how do I make jenkins pipeline job listen for comments in github repo pull requests? the Jenkins documentation is not really clear about the input from user part.

I read this thread answer but the documentation about the Gates approval is really limited.


I know this is super late, but here's some info for future Googlers:

I have a Github webhook that sends the event to a Lambda function that will parse the event for a specific comment string, then create an HTTP POST request for the Jenkins job, which is configured to allow builds to be triggered remotely.

So: open PR > comment on PR 'Deploy to test environment' > webhook sends to AWS APIGateway > AWS SNS topic > AWS Lambda > parse the event for comment > If comment matches, create HTTP POST > Jenkins receives request and runs job

There's a lot of documentation on this, but none of it together, so here are the resources that I used:

Regarding allowing jobs to be triggered remotely: https://wiki.jenkins-ci.org/display/JENKINS/Remote+access+API

Using Github to trigger Lambda function: https://aws.amazon.com/blogs/compute/dynamic-github-actions-with-aws-lambda/

Github API. You will want to pay particular attention to the Issues API: https://developer.github.com/webhooks/

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