I would like to use the same sequence number across multiple select statements in SQL form to eventually use it as a PK insert in a table and tie multiple records together.

So far, I can only select the NEXTVAL from dual:


However, when I include the sequence into a multiple column select, I get sequence not allowed here error.

SELECT col1, co2, col3, (select TEST_SEQ.NEXTVAL) SEQ
FROM table; 

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Don't use a sub-select:

SELECT col1, co2, col3, TEST_SEQ.NEXTVAL as SEQ
FROM table; 
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If you want to select the next value from sequence object, you can use this SQL statement.

SELECT NEXT VALUE FOR [dbo].[seq_Vehicles] AS NextVehicleId

If you want to select multiple next values from SQL Sequence, you have to loop calling the above SQL statement and save the "next value" got in a storage.

You can loop using (while loop) or by (cursor).

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