I am doing some paging in my application, returning 20 rows from the database at a time using PostgreSQL's standard OFFSET and LIMIT keywords. For instance, to get page 1 page:

SELECT stuff FROM table WHERE condition ORDER BY stuff OFFSET 0 LIMIT 20

It is a requirement of the application that we also show to the user the total number of records. So, obviously, I can get the total by issuing a separate query:

SELECT COUNT(*) FROM table WHERE condition

But if there are a large number of rows then this is not an optimal solution. I notice that MySQL has a very useful function called FOUND_ROWS() that does exactly what I am looking for:


Is there an equivalent in PostgreSQL?


PostgreSQL has had window functions for a while now which can be used to do many things including counting rows before LIMIT is applied.

Based on the example above:

SELECT stuff,
       count(*) OVER() AS total_count
FROM table
WHERE condition
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    will count(*) OVER() AS total_count be executed for every row? e.g. if we have 20 rows, does it mean it will be calculated 20 times, or only once? – tylik Mar 18 '19 at 0:42

There is no equivalent. look at


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