In beta11 I put my own customTypings.d.ts in the typings folder.
This folder doesn't exist in Ionic RC.0.

Q) So how do I register my custom typings file now in RC.0?

e.g. customTypings.d.ts:

interface Window {
    plugins: any;

declare var SignaturePad: {
    new(canvas: any, options?: any): any;

interface CordovaPlugins {
    OneSignal: any;

Do this:

  • Make a custom folder in the src directory e.g. customTypings
  • Shove your custom typings in a file in that directory e.g. customTypings.d.ts.

Then they'll be included in the compile.


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    This does not work for me. The customTypings.d.ts are not found. When I try reference them, it looks at src/declarations.d.ts and not customTypings.d.ts.
    – Richard
    Dec 9 '16 at 13:15

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