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I have a git repository in my local machine:
I add a new branch called test and add a few commits
Then I checkout to master branch and add commits to it.
So I use git push --all github and continue working on master. After some time I decide to completely remove the test branch and use: git branch -d test and git branch -r -d github/test, but it only deletes the local branch used for tracking the actual test branch as git says:

Deleted remote-tracking branch github/buggy (was acc5a58).

I'm asking if there's a way to actually remove the test branch from github servers from command-line?

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As with every git server:

$ git push github :<BRANCH_NAME>


$ git push github --delete <BRANCH_NAME>


$ git push github --delete test
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Local Branch

git branch -d local_branch

Remote Branch

git push origin --delete remote_branch
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Use this command:

git push github :test

Read "push nothing as refname test on github remote"

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